About C3 Wheel Repair Specialists

At C3 Wheel Repair, we focus our attention on restoring your bent, cracked or dented wheels to their former good looks and performance specs, always with safety in mind. With over 25 years of combined experience, our wheel repair specialists are the experts you need for OEM or aftermarket rim repair. Our top-tier equipment includes the only CNC machine in the Columbus area.

Whether you need skilled wheel repair, wheel custom coloring, or our accessories coloring services, we’ll quickly get you back on the road and looking good again.

Wheel damage is inevitable. At some point all drivers hit a pothole, a curb or some other destructive debris in the road. It’s the steps that you take after this occurs that can greatly impact the safety of your vehicle and the lifespan of your steel or alloy wheels.

At C3 Wheel Repair we have the team and the talent to get your wheel repaired safely and get you back on the road to your next destination. Here’s a few facts about our wheel repair services.

Did you grind your wheel against a curb? Our curb rash repair removes the problem before it leads to corrosion on your steel or alloy wheels. We expertly remove blemishes from your rim, leaving a surface that’s smooth to the touch once more.

Slamming into a chug hole can leave you with a bent rim. With the best wheel straightening service in the Columbus area, we can straighten your rim right up and save you from having to replace it.

If you notice a crack of any size in your wheel, have it inspected by the pros you know. We bring you superior cracked wheel repair for alloy rims and steel wheels alike

Along with repairing the structural integrity of your wheel, we can make your rims look as good as new. Wheel custom coloring is a breeze for our team. Whether you want to color match your rims to your car or give your automotive accessories some pop, our wheel paint or powder coating services could be for you.

Wheel powder coating is one of the best options to get the color you want to personalize your vehicle. Our powder coating experts deliver a very durable wheel finish, and we powder coat both steel wheels and aluminum alloys.

Wheel paint will also get you the color you’re looking for to make your wheels stand out. Professionally applied wheel paint works for alloy rims and steel wheels too. As with powder coat, you can choose from a wide range of paint colors.

Use our accessories powder coating service to customize your vehicle. From brake calipers, exhaust tips, lift kits and more, powder coating will protect your investment with a smooth, chemical-resistant finish. Please note, plastic accessories must be painted rather than powder coated.

At C3 Wheel Repair, we’re the pros you know. Like you, we live and work in the Columbus area. Whether you have curb rash, a bent rim, or rock chips on the wheel lip, we have a solution for you. Request a wheel repair quote online or call us today at 706-366-1343.