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C3 Wheel Repair is the go-to wheel repair service in Atlanta. With our top-of-the-line equipment and expert technicians, we restore damaged, bent, scraped and cracked rims back to their original factory condition. Our wheel repair pros are fast, precise and reliable, putting customer satisfaction first. When you want your wheels repaired, refinished, or even custom colored, we are the leading specialists in Georgia.

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At C3 Wheel Repair, we pride ourselves on attention to detail and superior results. From minor surface damage to more complex structural issues, we have the experience and capabilities to tackle every type of rim repair.

Hitting or rubbing against a curb is a common cause of light cosmetic damage to wheels. And while scuffs and scrapes may not signal severe damage, they can lead to the gradual deterioration of the wheel. With our quick and affordable curb rash repair services, we can return your wheels to their former glory.

But what about more significant wheel damage? Heavy direct contact with the curb, driving over potholes, brake dust and other hazards can cause bends, cracks, dents and unsightly damage. In some cases, serious damage poses a risk to the safety of the driver and other passengers and requires immediate attention and repair.

Our wheel straightening services use precision machinery to apply pressure to the rim, improving overall safety and appearance, as well as the driving experience. We also offer cracked wheel repair, using welding and refinishing techniques to restore the integrity of the rim.

Atlanta vehicle owners looking to customize their rims choose C3 Wheel Repair for wheel custom coloring services. Our expert team offers color matching and custom finishes to deliver eye-catching results, with durability that is designed to last.

Wheel paint is a quick and affordable way to upgrade the appearance of your rims. Whether you want a minor touch-up or a completely new design, wheel painting is adaptable to your needs. Let our specialists know what you have in mind and we’ll help you achieve the perfect look.

An alternative to wheel paint is wheel powder coating. Wheel powder coating highly durable finish that is more resistant to chips and cracks. Powder coating offers the chance to get visually pleasing, well-protected wheels without the expense of buying new rims. In addition, our accessories powder coating services expands the aesthetic choices for vehicle owners, allowing drivers to add a new color to brake calipers and other accessories.

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The expert team at C3 Wheel Repair is standing by to help with cracked rims, wheel straightening, curb rash, powder coating and more. Reach out to our wheel repair shop in Atlanta with any questions. Call (678) 694-8725 or request a wheel repair quote now.

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    C3 Wheel Repair Specialties

    For repairing wheel damage caused by curb rash or just wear and tear of the road, we are the wheel repair pros that you know. We can repair your rim and get you back on the road quickly – and safely.

    Repair Service

    We restore wheels to original quality in handling ability and good looks. Curb rash, a bent rim or cracked wheel is a breeze for us.


    We will straighten bent or damaged wheels. You’ll be back on the road safe and sound, at an affordable price.


    Make your vehicle your own with exciting color choices in wheel paint and powder coating, including your accessories.


    When it comes to customization we have you covered. We can paint your steel or alloy wheels to match whatever you would like.