High-Quality Wheel Custom Coloring Services

For many Columbus residents, cars are a prized possession and make a personal statement. Making a vehicle look just right is important to most car lovers.

We have all experienced the scratches, marks and corrosion that inevitably occur to rims over time, despite how careful we are. It doesn’t take much to get your wheels repaired and looking brand new again.

Wheel custom coloring, using wheel paint or powder coating, is a great option to accent your car or truck. You’ve probably noticed how changing wheels can accent a car or truck, so whether you decide on a new color or a refresh to the existing style, custom wheel coloring can have your vehicle looking the way you want it.

We provide many custom color solutions for your wheels. Our services include powder coating and wheel paint, along with the same services for vehicle accessories. You can choose from a wide range of colors to provide an eye-catching or a subtle look, one that suits your vehicle and meets your expectations.

Wheel powder coating offers a durable and attractive rim finish, whether they are steel or aluminum alloy. The process is different from traditional painting, but provides a long-lasting protective layer to your wheels.

Before the powder coating takes place, your wheel needs to be prepped. Preparation is key to a perfect finish, and the wheel is placed in acid to remove any clearcoat, paint and oils from the surface. We ensure the wheel has an even surface, and the rims are sandblasted to remove any minor imperfections that might remain.

A spray gun is then used to apply the powder to the wheel. The powder contains dry pigment and resin that needs to be heated, so once coated with powder, the wheel is heated. This process ensures a hard coating that is evenly applied to the rim. It’s straightforward, but there’s always more to learn about the wheel powder coating process.

Wheel paint can provide a new look while also protecting the wheel from everyday damage from the road. Paint can be used to transform the look of your car, or just to clear up some cosmetic issues due to paint chips and corrosion.

The preparation stage removes dirt, grease and existing paint from the rim to ensure the best quality finish. Next up after prep, a sealer and base coat are then added to offer maximum protection to your steel or alloy wheels. Then the rim paint coating can be applied. Our skilled technicians pay close attention to apply a smooth finish and prevent streaks.

Depending on the type of paint used, the drying process will call for wheels to be either heat cured or air cured. The wheel can then be buffed and carefully examined for quality control purposes before it is put back on your vehicle. We can tell you everything you need to know about wheel paint.

We have great experience with powder coating automotive accessories, and this is a popular option that offers more customization to your vehicle. If you have purchased an accessory and want it to match the vehicle’s color, our powder coating services are exactly what you need.

For instance, you could powder coat brake calipers to either match the rim color or provide a contrasting or complementary color. Lift kits are another very popular accessory that can benefit from the resilient, tough finish that powder coating gives you. The process for powder coating accessories mirrors the process used for rims.

If you buy an accessory and plan to install it on your vehicle, we can powder coat it for you before installation. This is important, as apart from rims, we won’t remove existing items from your car or truck. And if you’d like to know even more, you can take a deeper look at powder coating accessories.

  • Aesthetically Appealing – Powder coating or wheel paint offers a simple way to improve a vehicle’s look for minimal cost and time.
  • Repair Surface Damage – Rims gradually get scuffed and marked. Custom coloring will return your wheels to their initial state and offer a pleasing color.
  • Increase Car Value – When you’re trying to sell a car, first impressions count! Custom coloring is affordable, and those fresh rims will create a great impression.
  • Stand Out From the Crowd – With today’s variety of color choices available, you’re not restricted with rim colors. Both subtle or bright colors will help your vehicle stand out.

There are so many color options available. Let us know what you have in mind and we will aim to match it!

Carefully maintained wheels are long-lasting and durable. However, powder coating will typically be more resistant to scratches and corrosion over time.

Yes. When powder coating your accessories we can accurately duplicate a vehicle’s color.

Custom coloring is an accessible way to add some uniqueness to your car. At C3 Wheel Repair, we have painted and powder coated countless rims for our satisfied customers.

If you are ready to discuss a new project, get in touch today. Come see us at our Columbus wheel repair shop and you can reach us at 706-366-1343.