Car Accessories Powder Coating Service in Columbus

Wheel custom coloring is only the start of how we can help you customize your vehicle. Car lovers (and truck lovers too) understand the benefits of accessories for their vehicles. Carefully chosen accessories help a vehicle stand out, while potentially upgrading its performance or safety.

Powder coating makes a big difference in the look of many of these aftermarket items, offering a custom color, smooth appearance – and some much-needed protection from the roads. Our accessories powder coating service is available for a wide range of items you’ll want to add to your car or truck.

The process involves cleaning and blasting the item to remove any dirt or particles from the surface. The powder coating – a combination of pigment and resin – can then be applied to the accessory.

A powder coating gun electrostatically charges the powder so that it binds to the surface. The accessory is then cured using a heating process. The use of dry powder rather than liquid paint ensures a very evenly distributed color and consistency.

We can powder coat various accessories that you intend to add to your vehicle. Brake calipers, lift kits, wiper arms and valve covers are just some of the items we can powder coat for you. We offer a range of colors to match your existing car color or offer something unique.

Heat curing the powder creates a hard and durable coating. This durability protects against chips and marks caused by rocks, concrete chips, metal objects and other items thrown up from the road. This protective coating can be particularly beneficial to brake calipers and suspension accessories you can add to the car or truck.

Powder coating can enhance the aesthetics of simple accessories. The coating is applied evenly, removing any chance of smears, drips or missed spots. Our wheel custom coloring options allow you to choose from a truly wide array of colors. You can select something to match your powder coated wheels, your car or something more specific.

All car parts will gradually degrade due to exposure to the elements. UV light, water, chemicals and other factors will take their toll on your vehicle, wheels and accessories alike. Powder coating protects against these conditions, adding to every coated item’s lifespan.

We only powder coat accessories that you are adding to the vehicle. We do not powder coat items that are currently installed on the vehicle.

No. Powder coating doesn’t contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or any harmful pollutants.

Powder coating is one of the better ways to improve the appearance of your car or truck. C3 Wheel Repair powder coating services can change the appearance and durability of your accessories for an affordable cost. Visit our location in Columbus to learn about our powder coating service. You can call us at 706-366-1343.