High-Quality Wheel Paint & Wheel Refinishing

When you want to give your car a new look, the wheels are a great place to start. For a quick and affordable solution, you can refurbish your existing wheels with high-quality custom wheel coloring.

Driving on Columbus roads will inevitably cause some chips and scratches to your wheels, and it can detract from the look of your vehicle. Wheel painting lets you quickly repair any damage, with the option of switching up the color scheme if you like.

Our wheel painting process is designed to provide a smooth and sleek finish – no patches or streaks here. We start by prepping your wheel, carefully removing any dirt and grease from the rim. Any rust or paint chips are also removed to allow the paint to produce an even finish.

Before painting we add layers of primer to the wheels. This helps protect your wheels and encourages the paint to bind to the wheel effectively. The wheel is then set for the topcoat. Our wheel repair specialists have the expertise to apply the paint in a smooth, solid layer. And we make sure to examine each wheel to ensure it meets our high standards.

Wheel painting is one option you can use to repair and color your wheels. Painting will not always be the appropriate solution, but there are many reasons why wheel paint may be the best choice to make.

Wheels inevitably experience some minor chips and blemishes over time. Wheel paint is an effective option for fixing these issues without needing new rims. Minor cosmetic touches are a quick way to make marked rims look presentable.

When making aesthetic changes to a wheel, wheel paint is one of the more affordable options. You may not want to invest in major improvements to the vehicle, but do want some minor improvements. Painting the rims, whether to fix blemishes or to paint the entire wheel, is certainly cost-effective.

Wheel custom coloring changes can transform the look of your vehicle. Wheel paint is a great way to experiment with a new look. It alters and freshens up the vehicle’s appearance with minimal effort.

Powder coating is a more permanent and robust option. Wheel painting is a less expensive and fast way to fix blemishes. Tell us what you want to accomplish and we’ll advise you.

Absolutely. We use a range of high-quality paints that are durable, appealing – and colorful!

Are you interested in professional wheel painting solutions for your rims? C3 Wheel Repair has extensive experience and guarantees first-class service. We are available to discuss your requirements and deliver the look you want for your wheels. Visit our Columbus wheel repair shop or call us at 706-366-1343.