Top Wheel Powder Coating Service in Columbus

Powder coating is the perfect option if you are concerned about aesthetics but don’t want to buy new rims. Wheels naturally get marked up as you drive around Columbus, with potholes and corrosive brake dust causing damage to your wheels.

Your rims are naturally exposed to the elements, but getting rims powder coated in your choice of color can make all the difference. Our team has the knowledge and all necessary equipment to do an outstanding job.

First, the wheels requiring color are removed from the vehicle. Each wheel can then be thoroughly cleaned to remove any dirt and grease that has built up over time. Sandblasting takes this a step further by removing imperfections from the wheel. When the surface has been prepared, the powder coating can then be applied.

The powder coating substance is a combination of resin and pigment that is electrostatically charged. When the wheel is subsequently heated, the coating fuses smoothly onto the wheel without dripping. The process is suitable for both steel and alloy rims. Because powder coating just won’t fuse with chrome, any chrome would need to be stripped from the wheel.

There are many advantages to choosing powder coating for wheel custom coloring. Here are the main reasons for choosing this coloring approach.

  • Durable – Powder coating is a durable choice that helps protect the wheel against damage, such as pebbles or other debris thrown by passing vehicles.
  • Environmentally-Friendly – Powder coating is free from many of the chemicals that damage the environment. It also means there is no leftover paint to deal with.
  • Affordable – Powder coating is much more affordable than replacing rims.
  • Full Coverage – The powder coating process ensures that the entire wheel can be covered smoothly, even on rims with a complex design.
  • Adaptable – Powder coating works for steel and alloy rims, vehicle accessories, plus provides a host of color options.

Powder coating is typically more durable than paint, though wheel paint is a less expensive option that still provides a great range of colors.

Yes. The powder coating process is a safe and proven approach. We thoroughly examine your rims before finishing the job and use stringent safety procedures.

Are you considering powder coating your wheels? At C3 Wheel Repair, we take pride in working on your vehicle. We are available to discuss your requirements and put your plans into action! Come see us at our Columbus wheel repair shop or call us at 706-366-1343 today.