Wheel Repair Gallery

Wheel damage is unavoidable and inevitable, unfortunately. But you don’t need to worry, because our wheel repair service team can repair the damage incurred from curb rash and the like.

Wheel damage can happen on a quick trip to the store, a long commute to work or anything in between. Unfortunately, hitting a chug hole or pothole can cause serious damage to a rim and tire.

In this case, you are more than likely looking at a bent, damaged wheel, or one that now has chips or cracks. At C3 Wheel Repair, if it’s bent, we can straighten it; if it’s cracked, we can fill or weld it; and if it needs to be refinished we offer multiple color and finish choices. Most importantly, we can return your wheel to its factory specs for optimum safety and performance.

Our wheel repair photo gallery illustrates the wheel repair services we offer, including wheel straightening, curb rash repair and cracked rim repair. Alloy wheels are extremely popular today, but we can repair and paint steel wheels too.

While reviewing our gallery, you can view just a sample of the many colors we offer with our wheel custom coloring service. We also offer accessories powder coating to complement your car color, and painted or powder coated rims.

Our skilled technicians can deliver, both in terms of the wheel custom color you want – and the wheel repair services you need for safety and style. When you are ready to get started, request a quote or give us a call at 706-366-1343 to inquire about service at our wheel repair shop in Columbus.