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At C3 Wheel Repair, our goal is straightforward – to bring our Lawrenceville neighbors the best in rim repair services for alloy wheels and steel wheels alike. Most people see that curb rash, minor scars or worn-out clear coat is primarily a cosmetic “looks” issue, but also understand that bends, cracks or large dents on a wheel can cause rough handling and a possible tire blowout, and is therefore a safety issue. Reduced gas mileage is also a factor with any structurally damaged wheel.

Make C3 Wheel Repair your go-to choice for wheel repair and refinishing, painting and powder coating in and around Lawrenceville. Would you like an estimate? We can help with that too – simply complete the form below and provide images of your wheel(s) for a quote or give us a call today at 706-366-1343.

    While you’re waiting for your quote, dig a little deeper into our wheel repair specialties.

    Let’s first look at what happens when you scrape a curb, perhaps when parallel parking or taking a corner too tightly. Our curb rash repair service will smooth out the rough spots so you can forget it ever happened.

    Then there are cases of more serious wheel damage, such as the result of hitting a pothole or other obstacle in the road. The outcome here could be a bent wheel, so we offer wheel straightening services that can get you back on the road quickly, while avoiding the need to purchase a replacement wheel.

    Even when a wheel develops stress cracks in the metal, safe repair is possible. Both aluminum alloy wheels and steel wheels may need to be welded for cracked wheel repair. Depending on the nature of your repair, you may be able to take advantage of our mobile wheel repair service.

    At times a damaged wheel will not be safely fixable – but if that is ever the case we will advise you. Your vehicle’s ability to maintain safe handling is truly our top priority.

    Our expert wheel repair technicians and the best equipment means you’ll get more value from your automotive investment – and more pleasure in personalizing your vehicle with our custom color options. To get the color and finish you’re looking for, we bring you wheel paint and wheel powder coating services. Yes, they both involve color but there are a few technical differences. As with any other paint, wheel paint is applied wet, and may be cured by either heat or air-dried, depending on the brand. The wheel powder coating material is applied as a dry powder that electrostatically sticks to the prepared wheel, and is cured by baking.

    We also offer accessories powder coating to match your wheel color or any other color you select. Some popular items for powder coating include lift kits and brake calipers, so if you have an idea, let’s discuss it. Unfortunately, plastic accessories cannot be powder coated but they may be painted, which also delivers a custom look and adds protection to the item.

    When it comes to wheel repair – we know what it takes and we are ready to deliver! Our wheel repair team at our Lawrenceville location is standing by.

    C3 Wheel Repair Specialties

    For repairing wheel damage caused by curb rash or just wear and tear of the road, we are the wheel repair pros that you know. We can repair your rim and get you back on the road quickly – and safely.

    Repair Service

    We restore wheels to original quality in handling ability and good looks. Curb rash, a bent rim or cracked wheel is a breeze for us.


    We will straighten bent or damaged wheels. You’ll be back on the road safe and sound, at an affordable price.


    Make your vehicle your own with exciting color choices in wheel paint and powder coating, including your accessories.


    When it comes to customization we have you covered. We can paint your steel or alloy wheels to match whatever you would like.