Reliable Wheel Repair Services in Columbus

Wheel damage of any kind can certainly take away from the appearance of your car. Plus, if a rim is bent it can actually create an uneven contact patch with the road, leading to vibration when driving and of course, causing premature wear to a tire or tires.

At C3 Wheel Repair, our specialists can fix both alloy wheels and steel wheels, returning your car to its original quality in driving and handling ability, and in looks as well. At our wheel repair shop in Columbus, we have the expertise and experience necessary to repair all kinds of dents, cracks and curb rash issues. If you can’t make it to our location, we also offer mobile wheel repair for a number of services.

We live and breathe wheel repair, and can cover almost all challenges that come our way. Rim repair for aluminum alloys or steel are common requests. Our wheel repair specialities include the following.

Curb rash is the term used for the scratches, scuffs and damage marks that occur when your wheel rubs against a curb or encounters a pothole. There is an art to refurbishing your rims to return them to their original state. Alloy wheels can suffer all kinds of damage over time. Giving each wheel the personal touch involves assessing each scratch and dent, then repairing the wheel so it looks as good as new. Learn more about our curb rash repair services.

As stated above, bends in your rims can cause vibrations as you drive, and even with small imperfections, this type of damage can wear out tires sooner than you’d expect. Our team performs wheel repair using specialized equipment. Wheels are adjusted until they are perfectly round and flawless. The result is a balanced wheel that looks great – and one that offers a smooth driving experience. Wheel straightening can also be done alongside the refinishing that removes any scratches and marks.

Wheels are subjected to additional pressure when driving over potholes and uneven surfaces. Small fractures can appear, and sometimes gradually become larger cracks. These cracks are a safety concern and should be addressed as soon as possible. Assuming it is possible to repair the wheel, cracks require attention from a wheel repair specialist. Most cracks will need to be welded to fix the damage before being rebalanced to ensure a like-new driving experience. Here’s more on our cracked wheel repair services.

Potholes can cause all kinds of damage to your car. If you hit a pothole at an unfortunate angle, it is quite common to get rim damage as a result. Try to avoid potholes if possible, and do check your wheels on a regular basis.

Going over a curb can result in the need to visit the wheel repair shop. Parking too close to the curb can also cause damage when you turn the wheel to leave. Rims can easily graze the curb and become marked or scratched.

Driving with a flat tire can cause serious damage to your wheels. You may get away with some minor cosmetic issues – but understand that it is common to see bent and cracked rims caused by driving on a flat.

Brake dust settles on your wheels each time you press the brake pedal on your vehicle. This fine layer of dust is corrosive and can gradually eat through the clearcoat, causing surface damage to the metal underneath.

Cleaning products can contain chemicals that actually damage the outer layer of your rims. If this happens, it can require an aluminum wheel repair service to remove any discoloration that has appeared on the rim.

Depending on the issue, failing to fix damaged wheels can result in some of the following problems.

  • Premature wear-and-tear to tires
  • Gradual expansion of cracks
  • Poor driving experience due to out-of-balance wheels
  • Increased gas consumption
  • Car pulls to one side

Usually, small marks and scratches are signs of only cosmetic damage. However, wheel repair will improve a wheel’s appearance and potentially add value during a sale.

Wheel straightening requires experience, specialized equipment and good technique. It is advised to always use a wheel repair specialist.

Each wheel needs to be individually assessed to determine if it is safe to repair, or if it should be replaced. To determine the best and safest options you need to talk with a wheel repair specialist.

Our wheel repair specialists have the training and experience necessary to help you reach the best solution for your vehicle. Get your wheels repaired at the Columbus wheel repair shop or call 706-366-1343 today to learn about our mobile wheel repair service.