Affordable Curb Rash Repair Services in Columbus

Exposing your car to the streets of Columbus can sometimes leave your wheels in less than stellar condition. Curb rash will cause your rims to look scuffed and scratched, and it only gets worse over time. Thankfully, you can get curb rash fixed when you work with a shop that offers wheel repair services.

We work to polish and refine the surface, removing any marks and returning your rims to factory condition. We have repaired wheels with all types of damage, and always aim to provide a first-class experience.

The process for curb damage rim repair will vary depending on the state of the wheel. Some wheels have only minimal damage and simply require some cosmetic improvements. In other cases, the repair will need to be more technical. The process will usually be as follows.

  • Wheel Assessment – Close analysis of the rim to see the scratches and marks that need work along with the wheel finish.
  • Wheel Repair – Depending on the extent of the damage, a wheel repair specialist will use the appropriate techniques to repair the wheel. Close attention to detail is central to our wheel repair services.
  • Wheel Refinishing – We thoroughly clean and prep the wheels before adding the final finish, depending on customer requirements.
  • Inspection – A final check is performed to ensure the rim has been repaired to our standards of quality.
  • Pickup – Clients can pick up their rims and inspect the finished product for themselves.

Curb rash is caused by contact with a curb, road debris or other obstacle. You could compromise the wheel by parking too close to a curb and grazing it as you pull away. Clipping the curb while parking can mark up the rim and even damage the inner layer of the tire.

Potholes are a special case, as hitting one can be very damaging, especially when driving at speed and hitting the hole dead-center.

In some cases, curb rash will cause blemishes to the wheel itself but will not lead to a safety issue. However, if there is damage to the integrity of the wheel, fractures may actually be present but not yet visible. This is exactly why having the wheel inspected by a wheel repair pro is important.

Initially, inspect your rims to look for obvious signs of damage such as scratches, dents, or a bent lip. Over time, pay attention to any vibration or alignment issues that occur as you drive.

We can fix curb rash issues in most cases, but a thorough inspection is always performed to ensure safety.

If you’re sick of scratches and scrapes on your rims, we are here to help. Our team of wheel repair specialists can repair your damaged wheels and get them looking as good as new. Visit us at our wheel repair location in Columbus or give us a call at 706-366-1343 today.