Lawrenceville Wheel Straightening Services for Alloy Wheels & Steel Wheels

Most Lawrenceville drivers will have experienced a nasty pothole or unexpected curb that has caused some wheel damage. You may not even be aware of it at the time, but your wheel may have lost its perfect shape.

Even minor damage can have an impact on your wheels and driving quality. It can cause your steering wheel to vibrate, or cause your tires to degrade quickly. In these cases, you probably require a wheel straightening service and curb rash repair as well. Our team of wheel repair specialists has vast experience with steel and alloy wheel straightening, and we are here to help.

After experiencing damage, your first instinct may be to consider buying a new wheel. However, our wheel repair services can fix all kinds of problems. We can inspect your wheel and determine whether it will be safe to straighten, or if you need to replace it.

Following an inspection, we use dedicated machinery to repair your wheels. For example, we use our top-grade CNC machine to repair cast or forged wheels, heating the metal and evening out any bends. Since our wheel repair service has one of the only CNC machines in the areas surrounding Lawrenceville including Atlanta, we get quite a few requests for this type of work. The process ensures the wheel is balanced correctly and will be free from imperfections, and the driving experience will return to normal.

After the rim straightening process is complete, we can refurbish the wheel to match the finish on the existing rims. We also offer wheel custom coloring services.

There are various reasons you may need a wheel straightening service. While major accidents may be the cause of severely damaged wheels, most problems will be minor. Potholes often lead to small bends in the metal that prevent balanced steering response. Clipping a curb is another common cause for wheel defects.

These issues could have minimal impact on your car, yet still need help for cosmetic reasons. In some cases, though, your tires may lose air quickly and your steering may pull to one side or vibrate. These issues can gradually worsen, making it crucial to fix before the problem gets worse.

The process for straightening an alloy wheel or steel wheel is safe and precise. All rims are carefully inspected to ensure the job meets our high standards.

Some wheels have too much damage to be able to sustain a safe and acceptable repair. In these cases, it is necessary to purchase a new wheel.

Failure to fix a damaged wheel can lead to steering or suspension issues. It is recommended that you get your wheels assessed if you notice any issues.

At C3 Wheel Repair, we are committed to offering a first-class service in everything we do. We can repair rims whether they require simple repairs or more complex work. Visit our wheel repair location in Lawrenceville, request a quote online, or call us today at 706-366-1343.