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Ben McPherson is the Sales Manager of C3 Wheel Repair Specialists. His expertise in the wheel repair industry in unmatched in the Columbus area. In fact, some of the biggest names look this company when they have a wheel repair issue that needs a seasoned pro.

Can You Repair Alloy Wheels?

A set of alloy wheels is usually a sign that you take pride in your vehicle. Along with giving your vehicle a new look, quality alloy wheels can offer improved performance, grip and cornering ability. Dealing with Alloy Wheel Damage Over time, though, your wheels can pick up blemishes caused by everyday wear and Read More

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Why Should I Get My Wheels Powder Coated?

Powder coating is proving to be a popular choice for Columbus car owners who want eye-catching wheels. The total coverage that wheel powder coating provides ensures a smooth, streak-free finish. The strength of the finished product is another reason drivers that care about durability go for powder coating. But even with its growing popularity, many Read More

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