Alloy wheel repair service in Columbus.

A set of alloy wheels is usually a sign that you take pride in your vehicle. Along with giving your vehicle a new look, quality alloy wheels can offer improved performance, grip and cornering ability.

Dealing with Alloy Wheel Damage

Over time, though, your wheels can pick up blemishes caused by everyday wear and tear. Even worse, potholes can cause fractures and cracks that drastically reduce performance and can cause a blowout. But there’s good news – Columbus drivers experiencing problems can access wheel repair services that fix the majority of aluminum alloy wheel issues.

Why Might You Need to Repair Alloy Wheels?

Damage can come in a variety of forms. Most issues can be repaired, though serious damage might be a safety concern and require you to invest in new wheels. Most issues fall into the categories listed below.

Cosmetic Issues

Scratches and dents are not safety issues but detract from a vehicle’s appearance. To resolve the problem, wheels need to be cleaned thoroughly, removing all the surface grime. A specialist wheel filler can then be added to fill in the dents or chips on the wheel. After the filler has set, the wheel can be sanded down to create an even surface. Paint can be applied to conceal the repair work.

Wheel Straightening

Bends in the wheel are a more serious problem, potentially causing the steering column to vibrate and sometimes leading to a punctured tire. There are several approaches to alloy wheel straightening that use heating processes and specialized equipment. The process requires expert treatment to ensure the wheel is perfectly straight and balanced.

Cracked Wheels

Cracks can appear after driving over potholes or curbs. These cracks can gradually increase, preventing the tire from holding air and causing punctures. It is important to seek out a cracked wheel repair service to prevent safety hazards that could occur. Cracks are fixed using a welding technique that fuses the fracture.

Reasons to Repair Alloy Wheels Quickly

  • Reduce Future Expense – Dents and cracks will only grow over time. What starts as a minor issue can result in needing to buy new wheels.
  • Increase Vehicle Value – Damaged alloy wheels are immediately noticeable. If you are looking to sell your car, wheel damage is an instant red flag for attentive buyers.
  • Make Safety a Priority – Bent and cracked wheels can be a danger to you and others on the road. This issue might seem small, but it can cause a blowout when you least expect it.
  • Improve the Aesthetics – If you love your car, you don’t want to see blemishes. Curb rash repair can get your steel or alloy wheels looking brand new again.

We Can Repair Your Alloy Wheels

If you need your alloy wheels repaired, C3 Wheel Repair is the go-to shop in Columbus and the surrounding area.

We can fix all types of wheels with various types of wheel damage. Let us know what you need and we can find the solution. Call us today at 706-366-1343.

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