Reliable Cracked Wheel Repair Services

Regularly checking the condition of your wheels can sometimes lead to an unwanted surprise. Small cracks on your rims may not be immediately obvious, but when dealing with potholes and other hazards, they are hard to avoid. Small cracks in metal under pressure will gradually expand, causing issues with your rims, tires, plus overall driver safety. Our Columbus cracked wheel repair services provide a first-class fix to these problems, ensuring that your rims are as good as new.

Minor scuffs and scratches can detract from the look of your vehicle, but aren’t particularly hazardous. However, a fractured wheel can deteriorate, posing a safety risk and leading to more expense down the line. Cracked wheel repair can solve the issue before the wheel needs to be replaced.

Our wheel repair specialists will examine your wheel to diagnose the issues and find the best solution. If the wheel is repairable, we will get to work with our cracked rim repair process. Cracks require more work than cosmetic repair and may need to be welded, but we have you covered.

The wheel and tire are removed from the car, the wheel is welded to seal the crack, balanced to ensure a smooth driving experience, and any needed finish work is done. The final step is to thoroughly inspect the wheel, which must pass our strict quality controls.

Again, we pay close attention to the finish of your wheels to ensure all unsightly marks have been taken care of. We guarantee a high-quality service without long wait times.

Cracked wheels are usually caused by potholes, curbs and other obstructions or road debris that can cause fractures in your wheels. These cracks can start small, but gradual wear and tear, along with corrosion from weather or de-icing chemicals used on roads can cause cracks to expand. An aluminum alloy rim crack repair service ensures you stop the problem in its tracks.

If you do not opt for repair on a damaged rim, its tire may degrade quicker, and even suffer a blowout. If your tire blows out while driving, that can lead to an accident, making it crucial that you deal with the problem as soon as you can.

Proper cracked wheel repair is a skilled task that should be handled by professionals. Our specialists will ensure a first-class job that leaves your wheels – and your car – safe and balanced.

Most cracked aluminum rims can be welded if the damage is not too severe. Our team will ensure the crack is sealed and that the repaired wheel provides stability to your vehicle. Our team can also paint or powder coat your rims restoring them to their original condition, or to give them a more customized appearance.

Cracked wheels are unsightly, but even more importantly hazardous to drive on. If you notice a problem with your rims, it is important to get them fixed.

Get in touch with C3 Wheel Repair to discuss your wheel problem and to arrange an appropriate time for repair at our location in Columbus. And remember, if you can’t come to us, we have a team of mobile wheel repair specialists that can come to you. Call us today at 706-366-1343.